It can be frustrating trying to collect an outstanding commercial debt or a delinquent account receivable that you are owed. Often times, these debts are for services already rendered, and money that you and your company are relying on. In certain situations, the delinquency may be a result of a cash flow issue that the debtor is experiencing and they have every intention of working something out in the future to satisfy their debt. In these scenarios, a softer approach might be more beneficial where an attorney can negotiate some kind of work out or settlement to get the debtor on a payment arrangement and avoid the cost and process of any litigation. Having an attorney negotiate some kind of settlement with the debtor will allow you to maintain an amicable business relationship with the customer. By hiring an attorney to negotiate this type of arrangement, you are removed from the unpleasantries of having to try and collect funds and can focus on your business and the associated priorities.

In other scenarios, a more aggressive approach might make the most sense. When a customer owes money and stops communicating and is unwilling to negotiate or settle, the best strategy to move forward might be a lawsuit for the funds that are owed to you. These customers might be trying to get something for nothing or are just not willing to pay. In these scenarios, often there is no business relationship to salvage and aggressive legal action should be taken. In this scenario you need an attorney who is going to prepare and file a complaint and be aggressive to get you a judgment for the amount you are owed.  by Meghan Fleming