Estate Issues – Joint Accounts

What if you had a joint account with a decedent? How the account will be treated depends on a number of factors. First, when was the account made joint? Pennsylvania requires that a joint account have been created at least a year before the death of one of the owners for it to be treated […]

Can Grandparents Get Custody In Pennsylvania?

There may be times where a Grandparent is worried about the situation that they see their grandchild in. They might be concerned for their safety or well-being. Other times it could be that the grandchild has lived with them for some time now and they just want to have an official document saying that the […]

Do Grandparent’s Have Visitation Rights to Grandchildren?

If you are a Grandparent your Grandchildren are probably pretty important to you. You probably enjoy spending time with them, watching them learn and develop into the person they are becoming. However, what happens if you are being denied time with your Grandchildren by a parent? What if the parent refuses to let you see […]

How Do I Get a Protection From Abuse Order?

If you are in a relationship that is unsafe, it is critical to remove yourself and your children and immediately get to safety. Here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties of PA, we have many resources available to assist you. Physical and psychological abuse can have serious long-term consequences on your life. Our attorneys want to […]

Is It a Valid Will?

There are only a few requirements for a will to be valid in terms of its drafting. It must be in writing and signed by the testator at the end. Technically, a notary and/or witnesses are not required, though certainly useful for purposes of probate as well as potential litigation on its validity. The bigger […]

Estate Planning after Divorce

It makes sense to revisit your estate plan after any major life change, including new child, marriage and divorce. You want to ensure you are leaving your assets to the individuals you intend to and that can change over time. Sometimes, individuals do not get around to updating their plan leaving their heirs to deal […]

Can My Custody Order Be Changed?

If you have children and have previously been through the custody process with the Court it is likely that it resulted with a Court Order. A Court Order for custody is issued in a Custody proceeding. This Order will direct which parent has legal and physical custody. Legal Custody is the right to make decisions […]

CYS Results

It has been 30-60 days since an anonymous complaint was made on the Child Line accusing you of child abuse. The investigation has been completed and a report issued. What does that report say? Children and Youth/DHS will send a letter giving the finding and explaining what it means. The letter will contain one of […]

What happens if a Protection from Abuse Order is Violated?

Abuse can occur in several forms both physical, mental and emotional. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship you should know that there is help,. Getting out of an emotional relationship can sound a lot easier than it might seem. You might have fears that if you leave they will come after you. You […]

How is Custody Decided?

If you have children, and are going through a divorce or separation a major thought on your mind is probably what is going to happen with the kids? Who is going to get custody? How is custody decided? What are the different types of custody schedules? These are all very valid and important questions and […]