Types of Custody

If you have children, and are going through a divorce or separation a major thought on your mind is probably what is going to happen with the kids? Who is going to get custody? How is custody decided? What are the different types of custody schedules? These are all very valid and important questions and […]

What Happens If My Protection from Abuse Order is Violated?

Being in an abusive relationship is very scary, stressful and difficult. You may have found yourself in an abusive relationship suffering from abuse from your partner, either physically, mentally or emotionally. If you are in an abusive relationship you can and should seek protection from the court. A Protection from Abuse order (PFA) is an […]

What is CYS?

All parents dread being contacted by Children and Youth/DHS. It is the dread of a stranger misunderstanding or misinterpreting a situation they observe. There are a couple of things everyone must understand. The concept of mandatory reporters. There are certain professions, such as teachers, doctors, nurses, and therapist, that are licensed by the state. They […]

Who Pays Child Support?

If you are going through a situation involving the custody of your children, you may be wondering who has to pay child support. Both you and the other parent have a financial obligation to support your children. The type of custody arrangement between you and the other parent, whether by agreement or Order of the […]

What is the Process of Filing for Protection from Abuse?

Do you find yourself in an abusive relationship? This situation can be very difficult and scary for the person suffering from the abuse. Abuse can come in several different forms. It can be verbal and threatening to the point where you are terrified of what will happen next. Verbal abuse can be very scary as […]

Grandparent Standing for Custody/Visitation

Section 5325 of the Domestic Relations laws sets out the circumstances under which grandparents and great-grandparents may petition for partial custody/visitation. One of three conditions must be met: (1) a parent of the child is deceased; (2) the parents of the child have been separated for at least six months AND don’t agree on whether […]

Grandparent Custody Rights

Sections 5324 and 5325 of the Domestic Relations statute sets out the circumstances under which grandparents and great-grandparents may petition for custody/visitation. Section 5324 deals with partial custody or visitation and requires that at least one of three conditions be met: (1) a parent of the child is deceased; (2) the parents of the child […]

Do I Need a Child Support Order?

When two people have a child together, whether married or not, sometimes it just does not work out and they decide to separate. It is great when two parents who are no longer together have a strong co parenting relationship and can remain amicable with each other for the sake of their children. If you […]

Desperate for Divorce but Worried about Abuse?

If you are currently married and in a physically or mentally abusive relationship, it can be a very tarrying situation that you might be desperate to get out of. You might be thinking of leaving or filing for divorce but have that voice in your head telling you it is not a good idea because […]

Disclaimers vs Renunciations

Disclaimers and renunciations are forms that can impact the administration of an estate. As is true with all legal paperwork, the best policy is to consult with an attorney before signing. If you elect not to consult with an attorney, at least be aware of the purpose of each form. A renunciation is used where […]