Planning for Settlement Negotiations: The Big Picture

Source: Family Advocate, Vol. 37, No.3 Good negotiators, like good lawyers, are prepared. They know where they are going and how to get there. As any successful lawyer will tell you, superior preparation can often spell the difference between winning and losing the case, especially in hard-fought, complicated cases. Download full article (PDF)

Your Child’s School District

If you are separated from your child’s other parent and do not reside in the same school district, you need to have a discussion as to which school your child will attend. Selecting a school district is an example of an education decision that should be discussed in the context of shared legal custody. Custody […]

All Parenting Plans Are Not Equal

By Marsha Kline Pruett Parenting plans are about each parent’s desire for access to his or her children and an opportunity to be involved in the activities and responsibilities of parenting. The plans are all about time – how much and when. Download full article (PDF)

My Parents Are Getting Divorced

By Philip M. Stahl If your parents are getting a divorce, you probably have many questions about how your life will change. Download full article (PDF)

How To Share

Source: Family Advocate, Vol. 33 Over the past couple of decades, we have become increasingly aware that children benefit from having both parents involved in their lives.   Download full article (PDF)

Relocation Realities

By Leslie Ellen Shear Parents who are considering moving with their children after separation or divorce, and parents deciding whether to oppose the children’s move have a lot to think about. Download full article (PDF)

Grandparent’s Can Seek Custody or Visitation Rights in Pennsylvania

Parents must discuss many difficult topics when going through a divorce. The most difficult of these often revolves around visitation rights and child custody because most parents desire to see their kids as much as possible following a divorce. Parents frequently agree to joint custody plans, but occasionally one parent might file for sole custody […]

Can custodial parents in Pennsylvania move across state lines?

A parent who has joint or sole custody of a child may be able to move after attaining permission from the other parent or a judge. Learn more about parental relocation approval

Obtaining Sole Custody in PA

When determining custody arrangements in Pennsylvania, judges must hold to the standard of “best interests of the child.” Recognizing that children develop best when they have positive relationships with both father and mother, judges do not award sole custody without very strong evidence that this is best for the child. Sole physical custody means the […]

Pennsylvania divorce: Helping the kids adjust to the changes

Parents cannot eradicate the upheaval and upset their divorce may cause their kids, but there are things they can do to help them cope. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports that 33,749 couples across the state got divorced or had their marriages annulled in 2016 alone. While the breakup of a marriage may be trying […]