Support during Covid

Both child and spousal support awards are primarily based on the income of the parties. Prior to establishment of an Order, both parties are directed to show proof of income and relevant expenses. With respect to income, this can include recent pay stubs, last filed tax return and W-2, disability payment statements, retirement payment statements, […]

Custody Exchanges during Covid-19 Pandemic

Our country is still battling the spread of a new virus and with that, new questions as to custody exchanges in the event of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis or suspected exposure. First and foremost, be compliant with your existing Order to the extent possible. This virus is not a reason to keep your child from seeing […]

Custody Exchanges during Emergency

Life is unpredictable and from time to time circumstances may arise that disrupt your normal routine. If you share a child with a former partner, part of your normal routine likely involves a custody schedule. The question then becomes what happens to my custody schedule in an emergency situation. Presently, our country is battling the […]