We believe it is important to give clients the opportunity to explore the full range of options for resolving their disputes. We offer mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services so our clients can choose the approaches that are best for them. Contact us to find out what dispute resolution options may work for you.

Mediation has traditionally been used to resolve divorce, custody and other family law issues but is increasingly getting popular as a way of addressing parent/adolescent, neighborhood, employer/employee and landlord-tenant disputes.

In mediation, an impartial mediator — generally someone with knowledge of the law relevant to the dispute in question — helps the parties to a dispute share their concerns and assists the parties in creating a unique solution to their issues that is beneficial to all involved.

Attorney Karen Ann Ulmer is a trained mediator in the area of family law and custody and has previously been a custody panel member in Montgomery County.

Whether you are considering divorce or have a dispute in your home or workplace that you would like to resolve without going to court, we can help you come to an amicable resolution if possible.

In addition to mediation, we can help you resolve your divorce or other dispute through collaborative law, a somewhat different procedure in which each side is represented by a lawyer but agrees not to go to court. If the parties are not able to keep that agreement, the attorneys must withdraw before the case goes to court, ensuring that the attorneys are invested in achieving a collaborative outcome.

We are devoted to offering our clients all the options we can so they can decide how best to resolve their concerns. Contact us — conveniently located in Langhorne, Doylestown — to find out more about mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

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