Please consider the following questions when summarizing the terms of your proposed
Property Settlement Agreement:
1. Properties owned by the parties (e.g. marital residence, vacation homes, rental
properties). Who will retain the marital residence? Will it be sold or refinanced?
Are there an additional properties to be divided, sold or refinanced? Are there
outstanding mortgages and/or home equity loans?
2. Personal property. Has it already been divided? If not, please provide a list of
items to be divided and to whom.
3. Do you have any retirement plans (e.g., 401(k) plans, IRA’s, pensions, annuities,
etc.). How are they to be divided?
4. Do you have any stocks and/or stock option plans. How are they to be divided?
5. Do you own any businesses?
6. Bank Accounts, including joint and separate accounts. Have they been divided? If
not, how are they to be divided.
7. Automobiles. Is each party retaining their current vehicle(s)? What is the make,
model and year of each vehicle?
8. Do you have boats, campers, trucks, etc. Who will retain which vehicles?
9. Have you received any inheritance?
10. Are there any pending lawsuits?
11. What is the marital Debt (loans, credit cards, unpaid taxes, etc) and how will it be
12. Is alimony to be included in the agreement?
13. Is child support to be included in the agreement? .
14. Is custody of the minor child(ren) to be included in the agreement?.
15. Do you have any life insurance policies?
16. Who will provide healthcare coverage for the minor child(ren).
17. Which party will claim the child(ren) as a tax deduction?