Alimony in Pennsylvania actually does still exist. It is not based on gender, rather it is based on income. When two parties marry they enter into a contract. As part of that contract, they agree to support each other. One party may provide emotional and non-economic support and the other may provide support in the form of money. When they divorce, the longer they have been in this relationship, the longer they will owe alimony. The party who makes more money will pay their divorcing spouse with a few exceptions.

In Pennsylvania, if your spouse remarries, cohabitates or dies you will not have to pay alimony.  You must, however, include these terms it in your divorce agreement.  If you go to Court, a Judge will order these conditions. In Pennsylvania there are factors that the Court uses to determine alimony. These factors are set forth in the PA statutes.  Your divorce lawyer will argue these factors on why you should get alimony, how much and how long.

How long will you get alimony? In practice, many counties go by the rule of thumb that for every three years you are married, you get a year of alimony. How much will I get in alimony in Pennsylvania? Many Courts apply the support formula to determine the amount. Currently, spousal support in Pennsylvania is calculated by taking thirty percent of the net income of the spouse paying and subtracting forty percent of the net income of the receiving spouse if there are children.  If there are children, it is 25 percent of the payor’s income less 30 percent of the payees income. In order to get alimony, the party entitled must ask for it by filing for it in a formal request.