Many people think that prenuptial agreements take away from the magic of wedding planning. In truth, creating such an agreement can bring peace of mind and balance amidst the potential chaos involved in planning and coordinating wedding events. It can bring assurance that you are marrying for love and not financial gain.

It can also prevent fighting during the marriage over financial matters as the outcome is already predetermined. Fighting over finances is one of the leading causes of divorce and a prenuptial agreement helps take this out of the equation. If you have a child from another relationship, it can also protect that child’s interest should you pass away as you use a prenuptial agreement to protect your estate.

The family law attorneys at Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., will work to make the premarital agreement process as stress-free for you as possible. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and concerns so we can draft an agreement that fits your legal goals. We can also review an existing agreement to make sure it protects your needs. Call our Bucks County prenuptial agreement lawyers at 215-752-6200 toll-free or send us an email to schedule your general & confidential consultation to learn how a prenuptial agreement can benefit you.

A prenuptial agreement is meant to protect your assets and debts that would otherwise become marital property in the event of a divorce or death. It can be used to determine who has rights to property in the event of your death such as a child from a prior relationship. It can also protect a closely held business. From drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements to litigation of prenuptial agreements involving duress or lack of full disclosure, we have the knowledge to provide you with a clear understanding of the prenuptial agreement process. We will explain how this type of agreement can be used in your situation, whether this is your first marriage or a subsequent marriage.

You can expect to discuss with us your current financial and personal situation and what you believe will be your situation in the future. We will then draft an agreement for your soon-to-be spouse to review before it is finalized. We highly suggest that each party be represented by legal counsel. This can help avoid any potential litigation in the future.

Some common concerns that we cover in a prenuptial agreement include:

The custody and care of children from a prior relationship
The protection of a closely held or other type of family business
Planning for the preferred distribution of assets in the event of death to avoid the otherwise automatic elective share

A prenuptial agreement gives you peace of mind. In Pennsylvania, it helps you clearly identify your premarital assets and debts, which can help provide you with more control over your assets during your marriage. It can also help you avoid costly divorce litigation, as you will have already protected yourself. Finally, it may allow you to avoid any potential alimony/spousal support obligations and allow you to distribute your assets in death as you see fit.

We are ready to provide you with dedicated, caring advice and counsel if you feel you would like a prenuptial agreement or if you feel you are being forced into a prenuptial agreement. For a confidential consultation with a Doylestown premarital agreements lawyer at Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., call 215-752-6200  or send us an email.

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