All Parenting Plans Are Not Equal

By Marsha Kline Pruett Parenting plans are about each parent’s desire for access to his or her children and an opportunity to be involved in the activities and responsibilities of parenting. The plans are all about time – how much and when. Download full article (PDF)

My Parents Are Getting Divorced

By Philip M. Stahl If your parents are getting a divorce, you probably have many questions about how your life will change. Download full article (PDF)

How To Share

Source: Family Advocate, Vol. 33 Over the past couple of decades, we have become increasingly aware that children benefit from having both parents involved in their lives.   Download full article (PDF)

Can custodial parents in Pennsylvania move across state lines?

A parent who has joint or sole custody of a child may be able to move after attaining permission from the other parent or a judge. Learn more about parental relocation approval

Pennsylvania divorce: Helping the kids adjust to the changes

Parents cannot eradicate the upheaval and upset their divorce may cause their kids, but there are things they can do to help them cope. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports that 33,749 couples across the state got divorced or had their marriages annulled in 2016 alone. While the breakup of a marriage may be trying […]

Child custody matters in Pennsylvania

Divorce is hard on everyone, but it can be particularly difficult for the children. Young children especially have a difficult time understanding what is going on during divorce and may even feel as if they did something wrong. It is also hard for parents to get used to being away from their children sometimes. In […]

Co-Parenting Basics for Divorced Parents

Your children will benefit from a healthy relationship with both their father and their mother after divorce, so to co-parent effectively, remember the three C’s: Cooperation, Communication, and Consistency Cooperation Remember, it’s all about what’s best for your children. As adults, you have to put their needs before your own hurts and grudges, however real […]

Modifying Your Divorce Agreement

While an appeal to a divorce decree must be completed within 30 days, a modification to a divorce agreement can be requested at any time after the divorce. It is not uncommon that, after significant time has passed, circumstances have changed enough to warrant an alteration of the divorce agreement. If both spouses agree to […]

How to Change Your Custody Agreement/Parenting Time

If you have children and are getting divorced, you will negotiate a parenting time schedule, typically called a custody agreement. This dictates the amount of time that each child will spend with each parent. It can include overnights, holidays, and special arrangements like pick-ups and birthdays. If you are divorcing with younger children, your schedule […]

Drug & Alcohol Testing in Child Custody

Sometimes in child custody cases one of the parents struggles with an addiction either to drugs or to alcohol. When the parties are no longer together, the court must decide contact for each of the parents with their children. If there is a drug or alcohol addiction, it can impact the type of custody and […]