Support Exceptions

In a support matter, the incomes of the parties will be used to calculate an appropriate award based on the support guidelines applicable throughout the commonwealth. In the event there is a disagreement over the entry of an interim support order, a party has the option of filing exceptions. Pursuant to Pa. R.C.P. 1910.12, parties have twenty (20) days from the entry of an order to file exceptions. Exceptions may address objections to evidence, findings of facts, conclusions of law, or any other matters occurring during the hearing. Each issue should be raised separately as an exception. Each exception should be concise and without lengthy discussion. Issues that are not raised in the exceptions are deemed waived. Examples of appropriate exceptions would include claims that the incomes and/or expenses were not correctly calculated, special circumstances were not considered, or there was an error in assigning an earning capacity. It is not appropriate to file exceptions simply because you do not agree with the guideline amount.

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If a party raises exceptions, any other party in the matter may also file exceptions within twenty days of receiving the initial exceptions. A hearing will be held to hear from the parties on the exceptions raised and a final order will be entered at that time. If no exceptions are filed, the initial support order becomes a final order after the twenty-day window has passed. Once an order is final, an appeal would be the avenue to challenge the order. An appeal would need to be filed with the Superior Court within thirty days of the final order.

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