Divorcing and Preserving the Proceeds from the House Sale

If you are getting divorced and need to sell your house as part of the divorce process, it is important to keep your attorney informed. Oftentimes when you go to settlement, if you do not have an agreement in place, the proceeds will be split equally. As part of the divorce process, you can obtain a court order either through an agreement with the other spouse or through the court that preserves your proceeds until such time that an agreement on divorce is reached. In Pennsylvania, assets are distributed equitably, not equally. Usually the spouse who earns less money at the time of the divorce receives more than half the overall assets, although there are many factors that determine equitable distribution. If the parties can agree, it may be best to distribute equally that portion of the proceeds that are not in dispute and only hold the amount disputed in escrow or in joint names requiring two signatures. You should have this agreement or court order put in place prior to closing and if possible, prior to signing your agreement of sale.

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