Documents to bring to court: Landlords

Documents landlords should bring to court:

When you go to a landlord-tenant eviction hearing, you will need to bring several documents.

The lease is perhaps the most important document to provide. It is the instrument that shows how much rent is to be paid each month, when the rent is due, when the lease begins and ends, whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for certain amenities (such as electric, water, and cable), and other rules that govern the time of occupancy.

If you are a landlord seeking unpaid rent, it is important to provide a ledger showing how much money is owed.

If your tenant is stating that the rental unit is not habitable, bring proof that the place is in good working order, and that all requests for repairs have been remedied.

For landlords who provided a Notice to Quit (which is required unless waived in the lease), bring with you any documents showing that this notice was served.

If you are seeking to keep the security deposit, bring proof of any necessary repairs. This would include photos, estimates, or receipts. Witnesses should also be considered. Also bring proof that the security deposit has been returned, or an itemized list of necessary repairs was provided to the tenant within 30 days of vacating.