Grounds for eviction

For a tenant to be evicted, the landlord may proceed on one or more of the following grounds:

1) Nonpayment of Rent. For example, the tenant has failed to pay the current or prior months’ rent, and the rent is past due. Also, the tenant has failed to pay late fees.

2) Termination of the term. For example, the lease runs for 12-months and the landlord gave adequate notice that the lease is not to be renewed. If the tenant stays past the twelfth month, the landlord may proceed on this ground.

3) Breach of the lease. For example, the lease states that pets are not permitted and the tenant has a pet.

At the eviction hearing, it is the burden of the Landlord to show that the grounds have been met. However, if the eviction is based solely on Nonpayment of Rent, the tenant will be permitted to remain the property if he pays the judgment in full.