What to wear to Family Court

What you wear to Family Court is less important than how you act when you are there. That being said, however, it is important that you give the Court the respect it deserves. Do not show up wearing flip flops, tank tops, shorty shorts, beat up jeans, sneakers. Whether you have a conference or you have a hearing before the Judge in a Courtroom, you should dress like you were going to Church back in the day when people dressed appropriately for Church. If you have tattoos, cover them up. If you have piercing or gage earrings, take them out. Since Family Court is often based on subjective opinions, it is best to not give any reason to the Court to side against you, whether they do so consciously or not.

For either gender,  wear business casual clothes to court. You do not have to wear a suit and a tie unless that is how you typically dress for work. Make sure you are groomed and do not look like you just rolled out of bed. If you take the time to dress better and look better, it will put you in a better frame of mind to be prepared to settle or win your case.