New Birth Certificates

Additional copies of a birth certificate may be ordered from the Department of Vital Records. An application is required along with a fee of $20. Fees may be waived for members of the armed forces. Simple changes to a birth certificate can be made by agreement of the parents through the Department of Vital Records as well. Desired corrections can be stated on the back of the birth certificate and must be signed by both parties in the presence of a notary. A change in civil status form is required for a name change on a birth certificate due to the subsequent marriage of the biological parents. An acknowledgment of paternity form must be filed to have the biological father added to a birth certificate where no one was previously listed.

Following adoption, a new birth certificate will be issued upon receipt of the Certificate of Adoption certified by the local Orphan’s Court and then submitted to the Department of Vital Records. Other types of name change may require a court order. The procedures for a petition for a name change must be followed. A court order approving the name change may be obtained following a hearing. A certified copy of the court order with raised seal must be sent to the Department of Vital Records to obtain a new birth certificate. The Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records can be reached at (844)228-3516 or at the address below. Click here to read more about name changes.

Division of Vital Records
Attn: Corrections Unit
101 S. Mercer Street, Room 401
PO Box 1528
New Castle, PA 16101