National Alcohol Screening Day

Today is National Alcohol Screening Day. The day is intended to raise awareness and highlight treatment options. It was first observed in 1999 and falls under the category of mental health screenings. Alcohol abuse is a frequent issue in family law matters. Often times, excessive alcohol consumption can be a trigger to aggressive or violent behavior. It is not unusual for Protection from Abuse matters to include allegations from the victim that the other party was drinking prior to the incident resulting in the petition. Alcoholism is also a factor in custody matters.

Drug or alcohol abuse is one of the factors the courts must consider when trying to determine what custody arrangement will be in the child’s best interest along with past or present abuse. The court must also consider the criminal background of the parents as well as any other adult household members. Charges related to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are on the list as far as criminal history to be considered in a custody matter. It is possible to request a drug/alcohol evaluation as part of a custody matter. Depending on the extent of the abuse, supervised custody may be appropriate to ensure the safety of the child. You can visit for more information on national alcohol screening day.

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