Uncontested Divorce Hearing

Certain counties in New Jersey still require an appearance in court to finalize the divorce even if the divorce is uncontested or issues ancillary to the divorce have already been resolved by agreement. The parties should be prepared to testify as to the their residence in the State of New Jersey, date of marriage and grounds for divorce. For example, the facts establishing the divorce action be it irreconcilable differences, separation, etc. The parties should also state if there are any children between the parties and if so, their names and date of birth.

If there is an agreement that has been reached regarding ancillary issues, the agreement should also be introduced during the hearing. Each party should acknowledge their signature on the agreement, and their understanding of all the terms. Key terms should be reiterated including custody provisions, child support, and alimony, if applicable. The parties should indicate they are waiving their right to trial in favor of having the divorce granted on the basis of their agreement. Finally, if Wife intends to retake her maiden name, that should be requested at the hearing.

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