September Newsletter

We love this time of year as the weather is enjoyable and more time can be spent outside.  We have had some glorious weather here in PA, even as the summer has come to a close.  With your very busy lives we want to provide you with some great information on saving money and having fun at this time of year!


Saving Money When Getting Divorced

Many couples fear the divorce process because they do not want to pay high legal fees.  Household budgets are already stretched and the thought of paying legal bills makes many feel they can not afford to get divorced.  In our new blog “Are You Too Broke To Get Divorced?” we discuss this issue and offer great tips to cut down on legal fees. /blog/2017/09/are-you-too-broke-to-get-divorced/

Fall for Single Parents

As a single parent you may feel as if there is just never enough time in a day to get everything done.  Being Mom or Dad while juggling schedules and your career can be overwhelming.  Sometimes you just want to spend a few stress-free and unscheduled minutes with your child and need a great idea. Here is a great list – over 100! – of activities to do with your kids:


Student Loan Debt

Dividing assets and debts is a significant part of the financial negotiations of your divorce. Student loan debt, acquired during the marriage, is subject to distribution. However, rather than divide it equally, the court may choose that the spouse who earned the degree take more of the debt.  How you negotiate all debt in your divorce depends on your individual financial situation.