Adoption Fees

There are a number of costs involved in an adoption action. The total amount of expenses will vary depending on the nature of the adoption. For example, a kinship or family adoption where the natural parent(s) are cooperating with the adoption will have different costs than a case where the adoption is contested by the natural parent(s) or if the adoption is not kinship. There is a filing fee due to the court for an adoption petition. Other filings that may be necessary depending on your circumstances can include a request for a home study, notice of intent to adopt, petition for involuntary termination and/or confirmation of consent. Each county will determine which pleadings require a filing fee as well as the amount. On average, it can be several hundred dollars just in filing fees. This may be something to consider if you have multiple options available in terms of counties with proper venue for your adoption case.

In addition to filing fees, the home study, where required, is at your expense. Due to the intensive inquiry that must be completed, this is usually a fairly substantial cost. Keep in mind, a home study is not required for a family adoption. If you are planning to be married, it may make sense to get through the wedding first before the adoption to skip this step. Finally, due to the strict requirements and specific procedures for a successful adoption, an experienced attorney is strongly recommended. Most attorneys will charge by the hour for the time they spend working on your case. To that end, this expense can also fluctuate quite a bit depending on the nature of your case and whether everything goes smoothly and all parties cooperate versus if it is particularly contentious and additional litigation is required.