Adopting Multiple Children

Where parent(s) are adopting more than one child, most of the adoption procedures are the same. The home study will be waived if it is a kinship adoption. If a home study is required find an approved social worker or contact your local Children & Youth services agency. Background checks will be required for the adopting parent(s). Presently, there are three background checks required: (1) Child Abuse History Clearance; (2) PA State Police Criminal Record Check; and (3) FBI Criminal Background Check through the Department of Welfare. The rights of the natural parent(s) must be terminated in connection with the adoption. This may entail multiple petitions for termination of rights depending on whether the adoptees have the same parents.

If the natural parents are consenting to the adoption, their consents can be attached to the Petition for Adoption. There must be at least thirty (30) days between when the consents are signed and when they are attached to the Petition for filing since there is a thirty (30) day revocation period. Proceedings for adoption by the same adopting parent(s) of more than one child of the same natural parents can be joined in one petition and heard in one hearing, but separate final decrees of adoption shall be prepared and entered for each child to preserve anonymity.