Adoption Network

SWAN is the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network for Pennsylvania. It is a central resource for all individuals and agencies seeking to place children in permanent homes. SWAN supports local social services agencies and adoption agencies by promoting children available for adoption with the goal of expediting placement. There is information available on the SWAN webpage for individuals as well in terms of how to become a foster parent or adoptive parent. Information on upcoming events is available. Events often serve the purpose of introducing children and prospective families to one another.

SWAN also has various forms that may be required in an adoption matter along with general information about the process of adoption. The PA Adoption Exchange (PAE) is a component of SWAN that focuses on helping social services agencies find adoptive families for children in their care. PAE also interfaces with other state exchanges and national exchanges. Post-permanency services are available to families after adoption. Services may include case advocacy to ensure access to necessary services, support groups to foster better relationships and respite services. Visit for additional information.