Notice to Quit

In Pennsylvania, before an eviction may be filed, the landlord must serve the tenant(s) with a Notice to Quit. The Notice to Quit must explain why the tenant is being evicted: Nonpayment of Rent, Termination of the term (i.e. the 12-month lease is over and the lease was not renewed), or Breach of a term of the lease (i.e. no pets). However, the lease sometimes allows for the waiver of the Notice and permits the Landlord to file for eviction immediately.

The Notice to Quit must be served one of three ways: personally on the tenant (by handing him or her a copy), leaving the notice on the entrance to the residence, or by posting the notice conspicuously on the premises.

The Notice to Quit must contain the following information:

  • Name and Address of Tenant being evicted
  • Date of service
  • Grounds for Eviction
  • Total rent due and owing
  • Amount of time to leave the property before an eviction is filed
  • Notice that the Landlord may pursue legal action

The Notice requires that a certain amount of time must pass between the time that the Notice to Quit is served and eviction is filed. For failure to pay rent, the time is 10 days. For either termination of term or breach, the time required is 15 days for leases that last 1 year or less, or 30 days for leases lasting longer than 1 year.