Attendance at Adoption Hearing

Several individuals are required to attend a scheduled adoption hearing. Pursuant to 23 Pa. C.S. Section 2723, the adopting parents and adoptee must appear at adoption hearing and testify under oath where required. In addition to these individuals, the court may direct that all persons whose consents were required, or any agency or intermediary involved, appear as well if their testimony would be necessary or helpful to the court. Consents are required of spouse of adopting parent (if not joined in petition), parents of adoptee under the age of 18 years (if their rights have not previously been terminated), and guardian of incapacitated or underage adoptee.


Testimony at an adoption hearing is for the purpose of verifying statements in the adoption petition and providing information to the court regarding the desirability of the proposed adoption. The court may inquire regarding the relationship that has been established between the prospective parents and the adoptee. The court may also question the prospective parents as to their understanding of the permanency of adoption and legal benefits conferred by establishing parent-child relationship. If satisfied that needs and welfare of adoptee will be served by the adoption, the court shall enter a decree grating the adoption.