Certificate of Adoption

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Following successful adoption, the court shall issue a Certificate of Adoption pursuant to 23 Pa. C.S. Section 2907. This certificate is signed by the Judge and verifies the court has granted the adoption. The certificate can be used as evidence for any subsequent legal proceedings. The name(s) of the natural parents are not to be disclosed on the Certificate of Adoption. The Certificate of Adoption includes a raised seal. Additional certified copies of the Certificate can be requested from the court post-adoption. Nominal cost may be assessed for each additional certified copy.

In addition to the Certificate of Adoption, adoptive parents can also request a new birth certificate for the adoptee. The Department of Vital Records handles requests for new birth certificates. There is a form to complete as well as a fee for new birth certificate. You should be sure the Department of Vital Records has received confirmation of the adoption from the court prior to ordering a new birth certificate. The new birth certificate can reflect new name of adoptee, if applicable, and the names of the adoptive parent(s) would replace the names of the natural parent(s).