There are a number of costs involved in a divorce action. The total amount of expenses will vary depending on the nature of the divorce. For example, a simple divorce with no assets or children will have different costs than a case where there are minor children and assets to divide. With children, custody and child support may need to be addressed as well. When there are assets, equitable distribution should be raised. Other filings that may be necessary depending on your circumstances can include a request for special relief in terms of asking the court to take immediate action on an emergent situation or intervene on an interim basis. Each county will determine which pleadings require a filing fee as well as the amount. On average, it can be several hundred dollars just in filing fees.

In addition to filing fees, you should work with an experienced family law attorney to ensure your divorce and related issues are handled properly. Most attorneys will charge by the hour for the time they spend working on your case. To that end, this expense can also fluctuate quite a bit depending on the nature of your case and whether everything goes smoothly and all parties cooperate versus if it is particularly contentious and additional litigation is required. A retainer is the initial deposit you pay to your attorney to get started. Your attorney will then subtract their hourly charges from the retainer as the case moves forward. You can help manage the costs by being organized and providing requested information to your attorney in a timely manner.  By April M. Townsend