Guardianship of a Minor Child

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A guardian can be appointed to make decisions on behalf of a minor child. Temporary guardianships can be put in place without a court hearing. The guardianship would transfer the authority to make decisions for a minor child from the existing parent/guardian to another person for a limited time. A written agreement is required to identify exactly what authority is being transferred under the guardianship. Ideally, the agreement should be notarized in addition to being signed by all parties. The parties need to be of sound mind when signing the agreement.

Temporary guardianships can be revoked at any time.  For this reason, it is important to work towards other legally enforceable means for retaining custody of the minor if that is the goal. Temporary guardianships can be used so that prospective adoptive parents can take care of the intended adoptee while the adoption hearing is pending. This would enable the adoptive parents to make any medical decisions, enroll the child for school, etc.  Once parental rights are terminated, custody of the child is put with the prospective adoptive parents by court order. Once an adoption is approved, the prospective parents have final custodial rights over the child just as if they were the natural parents.  By April M. Townsend