Reporting as Guardian


The court may appoint a guardian for a person or for an estate. If appointed as a guardian, there are annual reporting requirements to comply with. The report of a guardian should be submitted to the county orphans’ court. The report for guardian of an estate will include sections regarding any income, expenses or assets of the estate as well as any compensation for the guardian, attorney’s fees or legal costs.  The report for guardian of a person inquires as to the individual’s residence, current medical status, and guardian’s opinion regarding necessity for ongoing care.

Reports of a guardian are subject to a filing fee in submitted to the orphans’ court on paper. There is, however, the option to request that the filing fee for the report be waived based on financial circumstances. Reports of a guardian can now be submitted electronically using the Guardianship Tracking System (GTS). There is not a filing fee when using the online form. The due date for the guardian report is the anniversary of being appointed guardian and every year thereafter. A final report should be filed when the guardianship is terminated or a guardian is replaced.