What is CYS?

All parents dread being contacted by Children and Youth/DHS. It is the dread of a stranger misunderstanding or misinterpreting a situation they observe. There are a couple of things everyone must understand. The concept of mandatory reporters. There are certain professions, such as teachers, doctors, nurses, and therapist, that are licensed by the state. They are required by law to report even the suspicion of child abuse/neglect. If they fail to report, they could end up losing their license to do the job they love. Therefore, the mandatory is more likely to air on the side of caution and report.

The next thing to know is that Children and Youth is required by law to investigate any complaint made. When they investigate, they will talk to all the parties involved. They will want to speak to the child (age dependent) and the parents. They will also want to see the residence to make sure it is appropriate living space for a child. You are not required to allow them to enter your house or to speak to them until there is a court order saying otherwise. However, it is not recommended that you take this adversarial stance. They will assume you are doing so because you have something to hide. Once the Courts are involved with an Order, the process escalates into something much more If you are contacted by Children and Youth/DHS, immediately contact an attorney to discuss the best way to handle the situation.  by Russell Manning