What is the Process of Filing for Protection from Abuse?

Do you find yourself in an abusive relationship? This situation can be very difficult and scary for the person suffering from the abuse. Abuse can come in several different forms. It can be verbal and threatening to the point where you are terrified of what will happen next. Verbal abuse can be very scary as threats and harassment can make you fearful of what comes next. In other situations, the abuse can be physical where you are being physically harmed by your partner. This is a very scary situation that many people can find themselves in. You might be scared that you cannot do anything to stop the abuse, or worried about what will happen if you try. You do not and should not remain in an abusive situation and you can protect yourself by filing for a protection from abuse (PFA) order with the court.

When you file for a PFA a Judge will normally grant a temporary order that orders the abuser to stay away from you until you both can appear in front of a Judge at a hearing. On the day of the hearing an agreement will try to be reached between the parties where there are agreed upon terms regarding the abuser having no contact. If no agreement is reached, a hearing will be conducted in front of the Judge where he will decide what the order will be going forward. A PFA order can be put in place for any duration up to 36 months. If you are in an abusive situation and seek protection you should file for a PFA so that you can start living your life without the fear that you have been experiencing.