What happens if a Protection from Abuse Order is Violated?

Abuse can occur in several forms both physical, mental and emotional. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship you should know that there is help,. Getting out of an emotional relationship can sound a lot easier than it might seem. You might have fears that if you leave they will come after you. You could fear for your physical and mental safety. There are actions you can take to protect yourself. In Pennsylvania you can file for a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA). The process of filing for PFA is filling out the paperwork and then likely you will talk to a Judge and a temporary order will be granted. After the temporary is granted then a hearing is scheduled in front of Judge to see if the temporary needs to be extended or if a final order needs to be put in place.

Even if you do get a PFA however, you might have concerns that your abuser will not comply with the order. Do you have any recourse and if so what would that be? If someone violates a PFA Order they can be found in contempt of the Order. If they are found in contempt the result could be that the order is extended for a longer period of time, they could face fines, or they might be incarcerated. The result will depend on how serious the contempt violation was. If you are in Bucks County and are in an abusive relationship know that you do not and should not stay. There are ways of protecting yourself so that you can get out and start living your life safely. If you find yourself in this type of scary situation please contact our firm today for assistance.