What You Risk With a Do-It-Yourself Divorce


Legal representation in a divorce costs money. But it’s an investment that helps you prevent serious problems that you may encounter during and after your DIY divorce. A lawyer can save you time, energy, stress, and in the long run, money, by avoiding mistakes that you’ll make representing yourself.  We help couples here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties efficiently negotiate their divorce to save money on legal bills while still providing all the protection necessary.  

The more you have going on in your life, the more you risk in a DIY divorce. You may make it through the process alone, but you can’t go back for a do-over if serious problems arise after your divorce is final. If you agreed to something or an issue is decided by a judge, it might be impossible to change. 

Ignorance is Not Bliss 

Are you ready for these issues?  

  • You’re a stay-at-home parent while your spouse earns an income, or you worked to help your spouse improve their education and make more money. Are these factors impacting alimony or asset distribution? 
  • Your spouse owns a business. Is it profitable or not? How much has your spouse invested in it? Is it used to shelter marital assets so you won’t get a share? Is your spouse or the pair of you in debt due to the business? How will these issues impact your divorce? 
  • Your spouse has had extramarital affairs. Does that affect your divorce or your child custody claims? 
  • You have children. How are custody and child support determined? Do you feel your child should not be with your spouse? If so, how do you convince a judge you should get custody? 
  • You and your spouse have strong disagreements over how your child should be raised. How will they be resolved after your divorce? Who will decide what? 
  • A divorce will impact your current and future finances. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars may be at stake. Nearly all divorce cases settle through negotiations. How much negotiation experience do you have? Would you be comfortable negotiating a settlement with so much on the line? 
  • Your spouse has legal representation. Do you still go through the process by yourself? 

The time to learn about divorce, the law, and court procedures is not while representing yourself in your divorce. Mistakes can be costly. 

Your Life is Already Stressful. Do You Want to Add to It? 

It’s very stressful if you file legal documents and they’re rejected by the court clerk or a judge denies your motion. You may or may not be able to try again. Your spouse (or maybe worse, their attorney) may become very demanding and put you under a lot of pressure to agree to something that’s against your interests. How will you respond? 

Benefits of legal representation include the fact that we will handle the details, map out the strategy, execute our plan, make adjustments as needed, and deal with your spouse, their attorney, and the court system.  

Karen Ann Ulmer, PC, will save you time you don’t have to spare and prevent stress you don’t want. We also have knowledge and experience that you lack. We will zealously defend your rights and protect your interests during negotiations and in court so you won’t have to. 

Get the Help You Need From an Attorney You Can Trust 

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