Dating During Your Divorce

Your marriage is over, but you’re still dealing with the Bucks County legal process as you finalize your divorce. Can you take the leap and start seeing new people, or should you wait until you’re officially single again?

Dating during your divorce is a highly personal choice, but you’ll need to consider the emotional, practical, and legal implications of dating post-separation. The following tips will help with navigating dating while divorcing.

Your Spouse Could Get Upset and Delay Divorce

Even though your relationship has ended, your ex may become resentful if they learn you’re dating someone new. This is especially true if you initiated the divorce. Your ex may suspect you broke up with them for your new romantic partner’s sake and even drag your name through the mud in front of family and friends.

Moreover, Pennsylvania recognizes adultery as grounds for a fault-based divorce. If you start dating during your divorce and your spouse decides to fight you in court, support payments could be put in jeopardy. Your ex could also complicate your life on purpose and back out of decisions you’ve already agreed on, like property division or a parenting plan.

Don’t Involve Your New Significant Other

Keep in mind the emotional considerations of dating during divorce. Finding healthy relationships post-divorce is a challenge for many. Even if you feel ready to date, you may still carry mental baggage from your past relationship, often without being aware of it.

You may need time (and possibly therapy) to leave negative relationship patterns behind and rebuild your life with someone new. If you decide to start dating before your divorce is final, avoid involving your new partner in the divorce process, conflicts with your ex, or negotiations over property division, custody, or child support.

Don’t Introduce the Kids Too Soon

When asking, “Is it too early to date after divorce?” consider how your love life may affect your kids. Divorce can be a painful transition for children, especially if they’re too young to understand what’s going on. Introducing a new partner too soon can make the situation even more confusing.

Besides, your children might tell the other parent about your new romantic partner. This could be a problem if you want to keep your new relationship private. It could heighten tensions, which is the last thing you need during a divorce.

Protecting children when dating after divorce should be a top priority. Let some time pass before introducing your new significant other to your kids. Do so only once you’re convinced they’re a safe and emotionally healthy person who is going to become a part of your life long-term.

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