Common Law Marriage

Common law marriage could be established in Pennsylvania up until January 1, 2005. All common law marriages established before that date are recognized as valid marriages. In order to establish a common law marriage, the parties must have exchanged words of intent to be married and held themselves out to their community as being married. […]

Application of Custody Relocation Law

Section 5337 of the new custody laws sets out the procedures and standards for relocation requests. E.D. v. M.P., 2011 PA Super. 238, is one of the first cases to apply the new relocation law. In E.D. v. M.P., Mother appealed after the lower court granted Father’s relocation on the grounds that Father didn’t comply […]

Evolving Issues in Family Law

Below are summaries of some of the most recent decisions on various family law topics. Paternity by Estoppel – K.E.M. v. P.C.S. In this case, Appellant, mother of G.L.M., brought an action for support against Appelle, the alleged father of G.L.M. Appellant was married to H.M.M. at the time G.L.M. was born. Further, H.M.M. had […]

New Child Custody Act – Factors to Consider when Awarding Custody

The custody laws in Pennsylvania were recently revamped with a new set of statutes regarding custody coming into effect in 2011. Any custody award is still to be based on the best interests of the child. Section 5328 of the new law lays out 15 factors to be considered when awarding custody in addition to […]