Grounds for Divorce in NJ

Section 2A:34-2 of the New Jersey Divorce Statutes outline the different causes of action available for a divorce. New Jersey recognizes no-fault grounds for divorce on the basis of separation or irreconcilable differences. The parties must live separately for at least 18 consecutive months with no prospect of reconciliation to succeed on the no-fault ground […]

A Brief Guide to Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania

An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties to the divorce agree on all of the main issues of the divorce. A couple may agree to property division, alimony and child support. However, the couple will still need to file a number of forms with the court, whether or not it is contested. In addition, one […]

Calculating Child Support

Child support in Pennsylvania is based on statewide guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The guidelines are intended to ensure that similarly situated parties are treated similarly. Accordingly, all parties with a combined monthly income of $5000 per month with 3 kids would arguably have the same support obligation based on the guideline amounts. […]

Landlord Tenant Appeals

Eviction appeals: In Pennsylvania, once a landlord/tenant eviction hearing is decided by a Magisterial District Justice (or by a Municipal Court Judge in Philadelphia), either party has the right to appeal if they disagree with the decision. If a tenant appeals a determination of possession, there is a 10 day appeal deadline. In other words, […]

Top six mistakes made when preparing will

While proper estate planning is essential, mistakes do happen. Below are the TOP FIVE some common mistakes: 1. Conflicts between legal documents Many clients do not realize that some property does not transfer through the estate. For example, a deed supersedes the will. In other words, if the deed is titled as joint tenants with […]

All Parenting Plans Are Not Equal

By Marsha Kline Pruett Parenting plans are about each parent’s desire for access to his or her children and an opportunity to be involved in the activities and responsibilities of parenting. The plans are all about time – how much and when. Download full article (PDF)

Grounds for Eviction

For a tenant to be evicted, the landlord may proceed on one or more of the following grounds: Nonpayment of Rent. For example, the tenant has failed to pay the current or prior months’ rent, and the rent is past due. Also, the tenant has failed to pay late fees. Termination of the term. For […]

My Parents Are Getting Divorced

By Philip M. Stahl If your parents are getting a divorce, you probably have many questions about how your life will change. Download full article (PDF)

How To Share

Source: Family Advocate, Vol. 33 Over the past couple of decades, we have become increasingly aware that children benefit from having both parents involved in their lives.   Download full article (PDF)

Relocation Realities

By Leslie Ellen Shear Parents who are considering moving with their children after separation or divorce, and parents deciding whether to oppose the children’s move have a lot to think about. Download full article (PDF)