Real Estate Ownership in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are several ways that real property (i.e. houses) may be titled. When two or more people own property together, they should be aware of the manner in which the property is owned: Tenants in Common – When property is owned as tenants in common, each owner owns a certain percentage of the […]

Landlord Tenant Appeals

Eviction appeals: In Pennsylvania, once a landlord/tenant eviction hearing is decided by a Magisterial District Justice (or by a Municipal Court Judge in Philadelphia), either party has the right to appeal if they disagree with the decision. If a tenant appeals a determination of possession, there is a 10 day appeal deadline. In other words, […]

Grounds for Eviction

For a tenant to be evicted, the landlord may proceed on one or more of the following grounds: Nonpayment of Rent. For example, the tenant has failed to pay the current or prior months’ rent, and the rent is past due. Also, the tenant has failed to pay late fees. Termination of the term. For […]

Short Sale Basics

A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure. The lender allows the home to be sold for less than what is owed on the mortgage. It is usually less of a loss for the lender to allow a short sale than to let the home go into foreclosure. Once a home goes into foreclosure the […]