Planning for Settlement Negotiations: The Big Picture

Source: Family Advocate, Vol. 37, No.3 Good negotiators, like good lawyers, are prepared. They know where they are going and how to get there. As any successful lawyer will tell you, superior preparation can often spell the difference between winning and losing the case, especially in hard-fought, complicated cases. Download full article (PDF)

Things to consider when selling your house during a divorce

When you sell your house during a divorce there are certain things that you should consider regarding equitable distribution: 1. Make sure that the house does not appear empty by removing the furniture. If buyers are aware you are going through a divorce, they may try to offer you less than your house is really […]

Debt Compromise

It can be difficult to catch up on support if a large arrears balance accrues. Unfortunately, sometimes the party paying support has good intentions to pay support but due to circumstances out of their control, end up falling behind. It may be possible to arrange a settlement to clear up an arrears balance. The settlement […]

Agreements in Family Law

Parties are often encouraged to try to reach an agreement to resolve whatever issues have arisen in any legal matter. In family law, agreements are especially encouraged due to the personal nature of the issues at hand along with the belief that it is better for the parties to draft their own agreement rather than […]