Easier Transitions for Military Families

First Lady Michelle Obama has been promoting a law that would make it easier for military spouses to maintain gainful employment in spite of their often transient lives. The law makes it easier for military servicemembers and their spouses to transfer out-of-state occupational licenses so they can continue working in their profession without significant delay after relocating. Just last week, Illinois became the 23rd state in the country to pass the legislation.

Without such legislation in place, many military spouses are forced to take odd jobs to pay the bills while they deal with the red tape of having an occupational license transferred. Often, it can take several months or more to have the licenses transferred based on the cumbersome paperwork still required in some states.

First Lady Obama took up this initiative to help support military families back in February of 2012. Prior to February, only 11 states had similar legislation on the books. Pennsylvania is one of the states that has yet to pass legislation favorable to military spouses looking to continue their careers despite relocation.

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