Discovery During Divorce

Discovery is the part of the divorce process when information is gathered regarding marital assets and debts and separate assets. One of the main tools used to gather this information are Interrogatories and Production Requests. Many a client has gasped when they have receive 100 very detailed questions to answer or Production Requests that are pages long asking for a large quantity of documents. When you are served with Interrogatories or Productions Requests, it is best to remain calm. This is a standard part of the divorce process. Many of the questions may not apply to your case as attorneys try to cover every possible question and uncover every possible asset. When answering these questions, it is best to put that you do not have any if it is an asset such as a business that you do not have. If the question asks for records that are accounts in joint names, you also do not have to produce them. You can merely indicate that the other side has equal access to this information. Before you panic, talk to your attorney. He or she can explain to you what you essentially need. In most cases, that will be any and all records that are only in your name or your name with a third party, not your spouse.