Two documents to get during your Divorce

When you are getting a divorce, it is important to get an overall financial sense of what you own and what you can expect to receive. Two documents you may want to obtain are your credit report and your statement from Social Security. Your credit report will identify all credit cards or loans that are open in your own name or jointly with your spouse. You want to make sure all of these debts are considered when you divorce. You can obtain a free credit report each year from each of the three carriers. I recommend that you obtain one from each every four months so you can periodically check on your credit and make sure there are no missed payments on the joint accounts and no new surprise accounts. It is simple and fast to obtain this report, simply go to and pick one of the carriers to obtain the report. Then in four months, pick the next carrier, etc. This way, you will have an updated statement every four months for free. You should also have a copy of your Social Security Statement. This is useful in that it provides you with a history of your earnings paid through payroll as well as provide you with the estimate benefit you will receive if you retire, become disabled or if you have a child and something happens to the parent. You can register and download this information at and should print this information. Having an earnings history is useful when you go to court on support to show what your history of earnings is.