Additions to Support Award

Pennsylvania utilizes support guidelines to determine the appropriate amount of basic support in each case. The Rules of Civil Procedure also contemplate other expenses that can be added to a support calculation. Child care expenses as needed to allow for employment can be added to the support award. The total amount of child care expenses should be adjusted to reflect the federal child care tax credit if applicable. Health insurance premiums that provide coverage for children and/or the other party can be allocated between the parties’ in proportion to their income. This is only applicable where a party is paying a portion of the premium as opposed to a scenario where the employer covers the full cost or a third party is providing the coverage.

Private school tuition can be added to a support order. Generally, parties should agree on private school costs prior to seeking to have them included in their support order. If a child always attended private school prior to parties separating, they will likely be permitted to continue in private school. If a child has not previously attended private school, whether or not they should now be permitted to is more of a legal custody question that should be dealt with in custody court prior to any inclusion in a support order. Summer camp pay also be added to the support award. These additional expenses are allocated between the parties in proportion to their income. Parties with comparable incomes would each pay roughly 50% of these added costs. Alternatively, in a scenario where there is a significant disparity income, the party earning more will pay a greater share of these added costs.

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