Filing for Support

The first step in seeking support is to file a complaint with the Domestic Relations office. You can go to the office located in your county for assistance in filing. Through the child support program website you are now able to start a request for support online. Once a complaint is submitted, an initial support conference is scheduled for approximately four weeks later. Any support will be retroactive to the filing date so parties requesting support are not prejudiced during this time frame.

Both parties are directed to bring proof of income to their initial conference. This includes recent pay stubs and last filed tax return and W-2. Proof of certain expenses is requested as well. Relevant expenses may include health insurance premiums, mortgage payments, child care costs, and private school tuition. Parties who are unable to appear in person may request to appear by phone provided all the requested income and expense information is supplied in advance of the conference. The conference officer will use the information provided to do a calculation pursuant to the Pennsylvania guidelines. Parties can accept the calculation and enter a final order at the conference. Alternatively, parties can request a hearing if there are unresolved issues following the conference.