If you are paying or receiving support in Pennsylvania you are likely dealing with PASCDU. The acronym stands for the Pennsylvania Statewide Collection and Disbursement Unit. They are responsible for collecting support from the payors and giving support to the payees. Payors are warned at the time an award is established that they will not receive credit for direct payments to the payee and all payments must go through PASCDU. Payors should receive information on sending payments to PASCDU at their support conference or hearing. Local domestic relations offices may be able to accept payments as well. Wage garnishment is the preferred method of collection for support. Once it is set up, payors do not need to worry about sending payments in any longer as the support due will be automatically withheld from their pay.

Payees should receive information on receiving payments from PASCDU at the support proceeding. They can elect to receive the money on an electronic card similar to a debit card or they can provide their bank information to allow for direct deposit. If electing to receive support via direct deposit, the payee must have their bank complete an enrollment form. PASCDU keeps track of all payments in and out and will generate contempt petitions if payments fall behind. For parties having issues with support the first step to take is to contact your local domestic relations office. PASCDU is located in Harrisburg. Additional information is available online at