Adoption Appeals

Decrees in adoption matters are permanent in nature. If you disagree with the entry of a decree in an adoption case, you need to file an appeal right away to preserve your right to contest. The rules for appeal in an adoption matter follow the general rules for appeal meaning you have thirty days from the date of the Order to file an appeal. Notice of appeal should be filed with the court where the matter was heard. Any applicable filing fee is due to the court at the time of filing. If applicable, you will need to order the transcript from the hearing resulting in the Order you are appealing. There is a cost for the transcript as well which varies depending on the length of the proceedings. You should get in touch with the court reporter or court administration to order a copy of the transcript.

If your appeal is timely filed with requisite documents, the appellate court will contact you regarding next steps in the appeal process. For a contested adoption, often the relevant appeal date would be within thirty (30) days of the decree terminating parental rights. This may be an earlier date than the decree of adoption. Generally, a subsequent adoption hearing would be scheduled at least thirty (30) days after a decree is entered terminating parental rights to account for the appeal window. If you have voluntarily terminated your rights by consenting to the adoption, there is a thirty-day window from when you signed the consent to change your mind. You must revoke your consent in writing and deliver to the party filing for adoption and the county court within the initial thirty days. After that initial thirty-day period the consent becomes irrevocable.