Agency Adoptions

An agency adoption is utilized my prospective parents who do not have direct contact or a pre-existing relationship with the natural parents. When working with an adoption agency, the agency serves as an intermediary between parties looking to adopt and parties looking to relinquish their rights as a parent and place a child for adoption. There are numerous requirements and background checks for parties looking to adopt to complete to be eligible as a prospective family. Parties looking to relinquish their rights can often view the profiles of parties looking to adopt to find a good match and vice versa.

Using an agency for an adoption does come at a cost for prospective parents. Fees vary by agency and state but can be in the range of $40,000. You may be eligible for a tax credit for a portion of these costs. Below are some of the adoption agencies in the Greater Philadelphia area:

Open Arms Adoption Network

Adoption Network Associates

Adoptions From The Heart

Adoption ARC

Living Hope Adoption Agency

Haven Adoptions