Counseling for Natural Parents

Natural parents can take advantage of court-sponsored counseling services when facing termination of their parental rights. Each county is responsible for keeping a list of qualified counselors who are available to assist natural parents contemplating voluntary relinquishment or facing involuntary termination of their parental rights. Prior to any adoption of a minor taking place, the […]

Child Support 101

The amount of child support to be awarded in a case is based on statewide guidelines established by the state’s Supreme Court. The starting point for applying the guidelines is to identify the monthly income of the parents as well as the number of children in need of support. The guidelines are intended to ensure […]

Certificate of Adoption

Following successful adoption, the court shall issue a Certificate of Adoption pursuant to 23 Pa. C.S. Section 2907. This certificate is signed by the Judge and verifies the court has granted the adoption. The certificate can be used as evidence for any subsequent legal proceedings. The name(s) of the natural parents are not to be […]

Bond for Estate

You may be required to post bond if the last will and testament does not waive the requirement, if you as the executor or administrator reside out-of-state, or if beneficiaries of the estate are minors. The purpose of posting bond is to ensure the administration of the estate is carried out properly. Specifically, to protect […]

Self-Proving Will

A last will and testament is a legal document that directs how your affairs should be handled after you pass away. The document allows you to specify who you will leave your assets to and in what amounts or shares. You can also designate an individual to be responsible for carrying out the terms of […]

Right to Child Support

Child support is paid between parents for the benefit of their children. It is up to the parents to timely file for support to get a support award established. They are also responsible for seeking any necessary modifications. Change in income of either party or a change in the custody schedule for the child can […]

Refusing an Inheritance

Being named as a beneficiary or being an heir at law does not mean that you have to accept what is designated to go to you. It is possible to decline to receive your inheritance. A disclaimer is the form that would be executed to refuse receipt of what was left to you. The result […]

Refunding Bond and Release

New Jersey requires that a refunding bond and release be executed by a beneficiary to receive what was lef to them in the estate. This document serves two key functions. First, the beneficiary acknowledges their responsibility to return what was received if additional debts of the estate are uncovered and there are no other means […]

Notice of Estate Administration

If you are the executor or administrator of an estate, one of the first things you will need to do is provide notice that the estate has been opened to all individuals who stand to inherit from the decedent. This list may include individuals listed in the will as well as individuals who would inherit […]

PA Inheritance Tax Return

Pennsylvania does apply a tax on assets passed through probate or intestacy. The amount of tax depends on the net value of the estate as well as the relationship of the beneficiaries to the decedent. The first step is to add up all the assets of the estate. The next step is to subtract permissible […]