What happens to the ring when the wedding is called off

Sometimes an engagement does not always result in a happy ending. If the couple, for any reason, does not get married, what happens to the ring? Oftentimes, a woman who has been dreaming of getting married feels justified keeping the diamond engagement ring that was given to her. These feelings are especially strong when she is not the one who called off the wedding. If she is in Pennsylvania, however, the law does not support her. In the event an engagement does not result in a marriage, the engagement ring legally belongs to the giver. It does not matter who calls off the wedding. The ring is a gift conditioned on a promise of a wedding. When the wedding does not take place, the ring must be returned. If the ring is not voluntarily returned, filing an action through court may be the only route possible. In either event, it may be wise to make sure the diamond is examined to ensure that it is the same diamond that was given before the wedding was called off.