Benefits of a Law Firm Team

When you hire a law firm, it is a good idea to find out whether the attorney you hire is the only attorney who will be working with you or whether the firm takes a team approach. There are many benefits of the team approach. When you hire an attorney and you meet with your attorney in their office, it is often easy to forget that your attorney is not in their office everyday. You may expect that they will be readily available to you at a moment’s notice, despite the fact that they could very well have days that they are in court and not in the office. What happens when your attorney is in court and you have an emergency? What happens if your attorney is scheduled to be in court in another matter the same day that you have court? When a firm takes a team approach your options are expanded. Oftentimes there is another attorney at the firm who can assist you with any of your legal needs should your lead attorney be unavailable. In addition, in a firm that takes a team approach, if your attorney has a conflict, there is another attorney who could equally represent you if you do not want to or cannot move your hearing to another day. If, however, you like the idea of only one person handling everything, it is best to discuss this with your attorney from the outset and also to understand that this could result in slower turnaround if your attorney is out of the office or may result in hearings that have to be rescheduled if there are multiple court proceedings in one day. As with any relationship, communication is key and it is important to discuss all of these things when you hire your attorney.