Pennsylvania divorce: Helping the kids adjust to the changes

Parents cannot eradicate the upheaval and upset their divorce may cause their kids, but there are things they can do to help them cope. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports that 33,749 couples across the state got divorced or had their marriages annulled in 2016 alone. While the breakup of a marriage may be trying […]

Consents Necessary to Adoption

Before an adoption can be finalized, certain parties must consent to the adoption. Pursuant to 23 Pa. C.S. Section 2711, a consent must be signed by the following individuals where applicable: (1) the child(ren) being adopted if over 12 years of age; (2) the spouse of the adopting parent if that spouse is not also […]

Adopting Multiple Children

Where parent(s) are adopting more than one child, most of the adoption procedures are the same. The home study will be waived if it is a kinship adoption. If a home study is required find an approved social worker or contact your local Children & Youth services agency. Background checks will be required for the […]

FAQs on escaping an abusive marriage

Victims of domestic abuse may need help from others to get a divorce. It can also help to create an escape plan and seek a protective order. For countless people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, marriage is a nightmare that they may feel they can never escape. Tragically, domestic violence affects millions of men, women and […]

Child custody matters in Pennsylvania

Divorce is hard on everyone, but it can be particularly difficult for the children. Young children especially have a difficult time understanding what is going on during divorce and may even feel as if they did something wrong. It is also hard for parents to get used to being away from their children sometimes. In […]

The differences between separate and marital property

When going through a divorce, people should be aware of the differences between marital and separate property. Filing for divorce in Pennsylvania or anywhere across the country for that matter is not always a simple process. There are many issues that must be negotiated before the final divorce settlement is created and approved. One of […]

Adoption Appeals

Decrees in adoption matters are permanent in nature. If you disagree with the entry of a decree in an adoption case, you need to file an appeal right away to preserve your right to contest. The rules for appeal in an adoption matter follow the general rules for appeal meaning you have thirty days from […]

Name Change through Adoption

If you are adopting a minor child, a name change can be accomplished as part of the adoption. Specifically, the final adoption decree can include the desired new name for the child. This certified decree along with vital records request form can be used to change the child’s name on their birth certificate as well […]

Co-Parenting Basics for Divorced Parents

Your children will benefit from a healthy relationship with both their father and their mother after divorce, so to co-parent effectively, remember the three C’s: Cooperation, Communication, and Consistency Cooperation Remember, it’s all about what’s best for your children. As adults, you have to put their needs before your own hurts and grudges, however real […]

Cohabiting and Ending Alimony in PA

Both cohabitation and remarriage are grounds for termination of alimony in Pennsylvania. In the case of remarriage, a court-ordered alimony award is terminated automatically upon the receiving spouse’s remarriage. However, if the couple settled outside of court, the divorce settlement must include a statement terminating alimony upon remarriage in order for it to end. Most […]